House Updates For Landlords

Adding a man cave to a home is an exciting time for the man of the household. Most often there are two things a guy especially wants to put in this space, A large TV, and a bar. While the tv has a major importance, its location can vary. The bar, on the other hand, will take a lot more planning to create the perfect look. The bar should be stylish, functional, and of course, manly.


There is plenty to store within the bar of a man cave. Glasses can be put on open shelving or hung above the bar. A man may want to utilize cabinetry in their Concord home to store their glasses as well. Cabinets will also help keep other things concealed like cleaning supplies that keep his cave looking good. Storage can be added along the walls and under the bar, giving plenty of room for all the man needs to store away.


A guy may want to have his friends over and this will be the time to show off his cave. Whether it be for the super bowl or for a poker game, he will want to have a place for everyone to hang out linked here comfortably. Bar seating will depend on the length of the bar. While many stools may not be an option, the sides of the bar can be utilized to add a few more. When he puts a couch by the tv he adds more seating and may even choose a theater style one to make his guests and himself comfortable.

Counter Space

Some bars tend to be thin while others are much bulkier. The size of the room will play a factor in which will fit, but so will personal tastes. A man may prefer a long and sleek bar rather than a short one with a greater width. reference If he plans to show off a lot of items on the counter, he will then want to opt for more width to leave space for working behind the bar.

Electric Work

For those adding a man cave to the basement, how the electricity is run is important. Men may not consider the amount they will be using and underestimate what needs to be done. At the bar alone, a refrigerator and lighting options can cause many wires that need to be concealed. An expert should be called in to give the desired look.

The bar of a man cave should be able to match the dreams of the man who owns it. His bar should give him pride in showing it off to his friends as well as comfort in being able to have his own space to relax in. Choosing the right options and having help from an expert will make his personal area enjoyable for many years to come.

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